The COLOR of Liberty


I was thinking about Independence Day for obvious reasons, but it didn’t conjure up the typical red, white and blue color palette. Actually, this year it made me reflective, not typical of my holiday firecracker spirit. I have always been drawn to the Statue of Liberty whose torch represents the enlightenment required to create freedom. As a first generation American, I find solace in its words of refuge, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

There is an earnestness to her copper materiality (think of the penny). It is a beautiful material that embarks on a slow color journey. Its patina emerges through oxidation, patiently forming layer after layer of thin corrosion until it arrives at its final verdigris hue. Often it takes 25-30 years for copper to metamorphize (I said you must be very patient!). While many have tried to emulate it, it is impossible to mimic its rich weathered surface into a flat coat. Verdigris has been an influential color throughout time. I love this article which speaks about Lady Liberty’s symbolic evolution and her color.

Sending fireworks of COLOR wonder!

Laura Guido-Clark