crushing on… RITUAL VITAMINS

shot-3-cm-1548342100 (1).jpg

Dear Ritual,

Okay…I’ll admit it, I am obsessed. I have a color crush on you.
I stumbled upon you in one of my late-night browsing binges. It was immediate.
To borrow a phrase, You had me at YELLOW!

You spoke to me, well actually you roared! I stood at attention because there is nothing subtle about you.
CLEARly you know what you have to say.

I know your type, the confident, prepared student who turns in their homework early and well.
Your very presence conjures up images of youthful smiley faces and yet behind the smile you are intuitive enough to understand people might be suspect that you are too good to be true.

Even Coldplay sings about you.
“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow… ”
(Oh yeah, you will relate to this, he says your skin and bones turn into something beautiful)

You are part of my journey to discover new shades of meaning.
I don’t regret crushing on you, but I must confess, it is not enough to see you Once a Day,

I make you a Ritual.