Who developed Love Good Color?

Laura Guido-Clark is an expert in the skin of consumer products – their color, materials and finish. Laura has spent her life studying the always new and surprising ways that human beings react to the look and feel of any given product. Her ability to translate those influences into prescient forecasting and concrete applications of color and finish has helped companies such as Herman Miller, Google, Samsung and Toyota design products that resonate with consumers and succeed in competitive markets. Learn more about Laura’s work at lgcdesign.com. To learn more about the non-profit Laura founded visit projectcolorcorps.org

What is Love Good Color?

Applying color to products and environments requires boldness, vision and the ability to execute on the right strategies with the right tools. Without a roadmap, the process can be overwhelming with much trial and error. Love Good Color aids navigation.

Love Good Color is for creatives who want to design, communicate and express themselves through color more easily, fluently and effectively.

This color system will help you:

• Navigate the complex world of color in a more concise/direct way

• Iterate color palettes more quickly and easily

• Communicate color within your firm, and to your clients, with greater ease

• Align color with the objectives of your project or product

• Create deeper emotional connections with end users

Who is Love Good Color for?

Love Good Color is geared for creatives, freelancers, designers and enterprise who know that color is a powerful arsenal. It’s for committed creatives who want direction, clarity and deeper color skills.

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