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Color has an enormous and often unrecognized impact on well-being, behavior and performance. Today color is designated by spectrum with a focus on matching but not on the part that matters most, choosing color with meaning. LOVE GOOD COLOR merges science and the senses. Our goal is to teach and provide the tools needed to communicate, navigate and iterate color with impact and meaning.



photo credit: Laura Flippen

photo credit: Laura Flippen

When my son was two, we thought it would be a good idea to paint his room orange. In color psychology, orange is joyful and optimistic. The orange we picked made him way too joyful and a bit out of control... It wasn’t color’s fault. It wasn’t his fault. I called it a color misunderstanding. And it helped me define a common problem. I was too connected to picking a color and not focused on how my son would feel in the space, on his emotive response.

After years of study and development, I created LOVE GOOD COLOR. It organizes the emotional nuances of the spectral world of color, merging science and the senses. It creates a language of color that can be used collaboratively, with clients as well as team members across multiple disciplines. Its simple tool guides you through color selection that is relevant and emotive, giving color purpose and meaning.

Over the course of my career, I have used color to transform products and spaces for global brands like Herman Miller, Google, Samsung and Toyota. The essence of my work has been using color to emotively transport people and help them understand that color forges their connections to products, physical spaces and most importantly, the world around them. LOVE GOOD COLOR is the culmination of my knowledge and experience applying color.

See Laura’s color work at Laura Guido-Clark Design  and her founding non-profit work at Project Color Corps.


GOOD DECISIONS create well-being.

Learning to choose color with impact and confidence makes you feel good!  It also makes everything around us a whole lot better.

DOING GOOD makes our everyday better.

When you see the beauty and potential in everything, change happens.

We are committed to give 1% of our revenue back to create a more colorful world by bringing color to urban neighborhoods through non-profits like Project Color Corps.

GOODWILL is at our core.

We try to move through the world in a caring, compassionate and honest way focusing our time and energy on what truly matters.

We know we’re stronger and better together.

We take care of ourselves so we can serve others.

GOOD FUN is contagious.

Happy people do better work!  We LOVE what we do!